Sustainable, organic farming: the future of the planet


Growing Food

The "industrialization" of food production has dramatically increased the quantity of food produced, but at a very significant cost to our environment, our food choices and the health of our people.

Check out this article from The Union of Concerned Scientists

Or this one from the United Nations

This is an informational film from Patagonia


Planet Power

We must begin to better understand the effects of our "consumable society" and drive towards more sustainable solutions to providing for mankind.

This is an interesting read on the topic


Changing Behavior

Take control of what you eat. Know where it comes from, how far its traveled, how it's been processed and handled.

This article gives invaluable insights into how far our food really travels


Reaching People

Through better understanding and increased education, we can make a difference. Everyone can help. Get involved.

Learn how countries around the world are promoting sustainability education


Feel Better

The more involved you are, the better you will feel. Enjoy the taste of organic, sustainable, local foods and enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Check this out for more information on what “organic” really means

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