Proposal for Workshops in Schools Pre K- High School

Our New Way Garden Inc. creates educational opportunities for people by partnering with schools and community groups to generate education, health and well being through connecting to, working in and learning about the natural environment. We seek to create and support local and sustainable food systems in the New York Metropolitan area.  We develop gardens on commercial, private and public lands to increase access to locally and naturally grown foods to people who do not have access to them. 

We offer a series of garden workshops that will provide hands on experience in the garden.  Through working in the garden, students will learn the importance of the environment and how it relates to our health and well-being as individuals and a society. There are numerous ways to link the garden to the curriculum depending on the age of the students and the focus of the class.  The program will be designed through communications with faculty via email or meetings to determine grade appropriate garden workshop goals depending upon budget and time.  A valuable experience can range from two visits per grade per year to one visit per grade per week throughout the entire year.

Fall Activities: 

fall plantings (bulbs, garlic, seeds) harvesting, food distribution, preparation of garden beds for winter, food preparation and preservation, seed collection.

Winter Activities:

sorting and storing seeds, planning spring plantings, preparing greenhouse, building flats, mixing soil, crafting with dried garden products such as herbs, seeds, gourds, grasses, dried flowers etc.  

Spring Activities:

garden clean-up and prep for spring planting, greenhouse preparation, seed sowing in greenhouse and at school, direct sowing and transplanting into the garden, harvesting early crops (strawberries, lettuce, kale).

Our New Way Garden charges $80/hour in addition to costs for materials, though we can provide some tools and equipment.

Please contact us at to set up a program in your school.

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